The Nicholson family provided extensive feedback on their recent holiday on our new self-hire canal boat Jubilee.

They were very complementary on how easy Jubilee was to handle, steer and moor. They also had some really lovely weather on their holiday, which added to the positive outcomes from their break..

Chris Nicholson and the party have provided some really useful, and in depth feedback, on how we operate Jubilee our including our Information Pack and Boat Handbook, more generally they stated:

“Jubilee is a real joy and a lovely canal boat. She has all the facilities you would need for a comfortable canal boat holiday. The service and support we received from the Peter Le Marchant Trust was second to none,  and we had all the right information about both Jubilee and the options available to us for planning our holiday. We will definitely be booking Jubilee again for our summer holiday nest year”.