Day trips

Symphony is designed and equipped to take all groups of disabled and/or seriously ill people on day trips, including those in wheelchairs. Serenade (pictured), her sister boat, is also used for day trips when not employed in taking a group on a four-night holiday.

Passengers on Serenade

Both boats take a maximum of 26 people (including carers) and have:

  1. Very large toilet and shower areas, allowing room for carers and for total privacy.
  2. Hydraulic lift for easy access to forward deck.
  3. Telephone.
  4. Medical equipment, including an extensive first aid case and resuscitation equipment.
  5. A galley, normally only used by the boat’s own Volunteer crew for making hot and cold drinks etc. However there is a full-size fridge for the storage of medicines etc., and room for groups to leave their lunches on arrival.
  6. Intercom system, radio cassette and CD player.
  7. Sliding hatches in the roof for sunny days. The foredeck is large and easily accessible to all disabled people in wheelchairs.
  8. The cabin floor is fully carpeted to provide a warm non-slip surface.
  9. Radiators throughout for central heating when required.
  10. All windows are low level for easy viewing.
  11. Extra knee blankets provided.
  12. A non-smoking environment.

Trip Information

All trips start at 10:00 a.m. from our base at Beeches Road, Loughborough. The boat returns at 3 p.m. We make a nominal charge per head to ensure that the trips are accessible to as many groups as possible – please see the Booking form for details.

Booking Form and Conditions