Safeguarding vulnerable adults is a part of the wider role of safeguarding and promoting welfare. This refers to the activity which is undertaken to protect specific vulnerable adults who are suffering or are at risk of suffering significant harm. As adults and/or professionals or volunteers, everyone has a responsibility to safeguard vulnerable adults and promote their welfare.

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of vulnerable adults and protecting them from significant harm depends upon effective joint working between agencies and professionals that have different roles and expertise.

Some of the most vulnerable adults and those at greatest risk of social exclusion, will need co-ordinated help from health, education, social care, and quite possibly the voluntary sector and other agencies, including justice services.


For those vulnerable adults who are suffering, or at risk of suffering significant harm, joint working is essential, to safeguard and promote their welfare and, where necessary to help bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes against them. The Peter Le Marchant Trust will:

  • be alert to potential indicators of abuse or neglect; 
  • be alert to the risks which individual abusers, or potential abusers, may pose to vulnerable adults;
  • share and help to analyse information so that an assessment can be made of the individual's needs and circumstances;
  • contribute to whatever actions are needed to safeguard and promote the individual's welfare;
  • as necessary take part in reviewing the outcomes for the individual against specific plans; and
  • work co-operatively with parents and/or other carers unless this is inconsistent with ensuring the individual's safety.

As one of its major activities the charity seeks to serve the needs of vulnerable and disabled adults. In doing so the charity takes seriously the welfare of all vulnerable and disabled adults who come onto our premises/boats or who are involved in our activities. The Peter Le Marchant Trust aims to ensure:

  • that they are welcomed into a safe, caring environment with a happy and friendly atmosphere;
  • that it is the responsibility of each one of its staff and volunteers, to prevent the neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse of vulnerable adults and to report any abuse discovered or suspected; and
  • its responsibility to implement, maintain and review procedures, which are designed to prevent and to be alert to such abuse; to maintaining appropriate links with the statutory sector authorities.

Staff and volunteer awareness 

All staff and volunteers at the Peter Le Marchant Trust will be made aware of this policy as part of their initial induction process and briefings and updates.  Where necessary or possible, staff and volunteers will be encouraged to attend appropriate training courses.

Reviewing the policy and procedure

This policy and procedure will be reviewed every year, this will include checking any actions undertaken and any updates required by a change in local or national policy.


PDF of Adults' Safeguarding Policy