Our vision

Our canal boat charity is dedicated to providing fully-accessible experiences that enrich and brighten everyone’s lives, from passengers to volunteers. 

Our mission

We seek to make canal boating on our local and regional waterways accessible to all communities and people living with disabilities, enabling them to take advantage of the now well-documented blue health benefits of the being on or near water. 

  • Our strategic aims
  • To be widely recognised as a trusted and leading canal boat charity
  • Offer an expandable range of beneficial and enjoyable services to our passengers
  • Achieve service excellence through a one-team culture of continuous improvement
  • Make best use of Trust assets and resources to deliver Trust objectives 

Our operational objectives

  • Provide and maintain a fleet of boats with suitable designs and facilities to achieve the aims of the Peter Le Marchant Trust.
  • Offer training, information and advice to service users and the volunteers to ensure safe, efficient and enjoyable boating.
  • Promote an understanding of the Peter Le Marchant Trust and its aims amongst the user community as well as the wider community.
  • Raise ongoing funds and resources to further the work of the Peter Le Marchant Trust to ensure its financial viability and future.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to deliver the aims and objectives of the Peter Le Marchant trust in an efficient, accessible and professional manner.
  • Ensure the effective operation of the office and base to meet the aims and objectives of the Peter Le Marchant Trust.
  • Comply with all legislation, requirements and best practice issued by organisations which influence or regulate the operations of the Peter Le Marchant Trust.

Our Values


We will bring people and organisations together and make connections in our communities based on mutual trust and understanding. The Trust believes by sharing, learning, working and contributing together, we can achieve more beneficial outcomes.


We aim to have a one-team culture where we continually release the potential of all the people who form part of the Trust, and work enthusiastically together to achieve our goals, ambitions and outcomes.


We will provide a caring and supportive environment for all our customers and show kindness, care and a willingness to go the extra mile to meet their needs.


We strive to be creative and enterprising in our pursuit to unlock the potential and inspiration behind delivering a great service and providing enjoyable, enriching experiences for our customers


We will identify what is important, set clear objectives and implement best practice in sustaining and managing the Trust’s resources and assets. We will set high standards for financial management, operations, and administration.


We will treat people fairly and ensure all our activities are conducted in a way that is honest and transparent and follow strong and consistent ethical principles and values.