Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I pay?

  • Weekly rates are dependent on the time of year you are booking.  A deposit of £350 (£100 non-refundable deposit towards the holiday and a £250 Security Deposit) is payable at the time you complete your booking form and your holiday is secured.

When do I pay the remaining balance of my holiday?

  • The balance for your hire is due and payable six weekend before commencement of your holiday date.

How old do I need to be to hire the boat?

  • Over 21.

We are first timers is this a problem?

  • No, You will be met on the day and shown the boat, You will have watched training videos before and you will be escorted to the first lock you come to.

Do I need to take our insurance?

  • The boat is insured by the Trust but it is the responsibility of the passengers to ensure that all members of the party have adequate personal insurance cover for the period of the holiday.  N.B. it is the hirer's responsibility to to take out Cancellation Insurance cover and we strongly advise this.

Cleaning of the boat?

  • Your boat will be cleaned before your arrival. As a limited amount of time is available to clean between each holiday use of the boat, please help us to maintain standards by leaving your boat and its contents in a clean and tidy condition.

Is fuel included?

  • Yes, fuel is included.

Does the boat have heating?

  • Yes. Heating is on board and will be demonstrated before leaving. The boat can be very warm on hot summer days and this should be taken into consideration

Is there a fee for moorings?

  • The most popular are usually close to waterside inns and restaurants (where a small charge may be made), but there are quieter places to moor free of charge on the canal towpath. Moorings are less frequent on rivers. Details of moorings can be found in the guidebooks on board.

What about water safety?

  • The Skippers Manual aboard your boat contains full safety information and the main points will be covered in your boat handover instructions. On board, everyone should wear non-slip shoes, and we recommend buoyancy aids (provided free of charge) are worn by each member of the party and provided before you leave.

What about safety alarms?

  • In accordance with the Boat Safety Scheme Requirements (UK), the boat will have a smoke alarm of a type fitted in most homes. It will also have a carbon monoxide detector. The position and operation of the alarms will be shown to you during your boat handover.

Do we get life jackets?

  • You will be given these on arrival and full information on safe cruising. These are provided and fitted free of charge on arrival.

How many people does it take to do the locks?

  • For safety reasons, two of the party need to be able to handle the boat and able to do locks.

What time can I check in and out?

  • The boat must be back at the base and you need to be checked out for 9.30am on the last day of your holiday. Collection will be from 2pm. If your arrival is after 5pm or after dark, you may have to stay in the base overnight with the safety briefing being carried out next day. A charge of £70 per hour will be made if the boat is not vacated by 9.30am.

Can I park my car?

  • The Trust base has space for up to two cars. More spaces can be provided at £10 per car. The spaces are in an enclosed base with cameras but are left at the owners risk.

Are pets allowed?

  • Guide dogs, assistance dogs and therapy pets are allowed with a small extra cost for cleaning.

Is bed linen provided?

  • The fixed bed will be made up with a bedding pack provided for the other beds.

Are towels provided?

  • A selection of towels will be provided.

Can I bring bikes?

  • Because of storage, it is not possible to bring bikes.

What about cots and highchairs?

  • You are welcome to bring your own cots and highchairs.

Does the boat have 240V electricity?

  • A selection of equipment such as hair dryers are provided.

Can I fish from the boat?

  • You will need to comply with local requirements regarding rod licences and closed seasons in the area you wish to fish. For any necessary permit requirements, you can visit or call the Environment Agency on 0870 050 6506. Maggots must not be kept in the fridge on board.

Am I allowed to Smoke/Vape?

  • The boat is no smoking/vaping including the deck. The boat yard has designated smoking areas.

What about water?

  • Your boat will have a full tank of water. In the UK this can easily be topped up at public moorings, if in a marina a small cost may be payable. When topping up remember to use “drinking water” only. We strongly recommend that water is boiled before drinking. We recommend that the water is topped up daily a gauge is located on the boat.

What is available on board our narrow boat?

Our boat is well equipped for basic cooking. Below, you’ll find a list of what we provide on board. You’ll be provided with 6 of each item such as plates and bowls.

•         Bottle opener / corkscrew

•         Bread bin

•         Bread knife

•         Bucket

•         Carving knife

•         Cereal bowls

•         Coat hangers

•         Colander

•         Cutlery

•         Cutlery tray

•         Dinner plates

•         Doormats

•         Dustpan and brush

•         Fish slice

•         Frying pan

•         Glass worktop saver / chopping board

•         Kettle

•         Meat fork

•         Meat plate

•         Milk jug  

•         Salt and pepper set

•         Saucepans

•         Side plate

•         Slotted spoon

•         Stainless steel egg cups

•         Sugar bowl

•         Tea container

•         Teapot

•         Tin opener

•         Toilet brush holder

•         Tumbler

•         Vegetable knife

•         Vegetable peeler

•         Washing up bowl

•         Water jug

•         Wine glasses

•         Mugs

•         Potato masher

•         Pudding basin

•         Roasting tin

•         Rubbish bin