We are delighted to have received funding to pilot several, unique innovative initiatives throughout 2023; helping us reach out to more of our community. Utilising the NHS 5-steps to mental wellbeing and with the benefit of 45 years’ experience; we are looking forward to working with our partners, delivering our holistic approach - providing a variety of trips and activities to support positive mental health.

Lynne About Loughborough - Wellbeing Trip, June 2023

I never thought I’d qualify to be one of those people travelling on one of the Trust’s boats – Symphony, Sonata, Serenade etc. – until the pandemic of 2020 changed this, and the Trust opened up their trips to anyone. Perhaps it was recognised that a relaxing trip along the canal, seeing and hearing the wildlife, chatting to other travellers, while drinking cups of tea and eating a sandwich, could be of benefit to everyone.

SPRING TRIPS: Open to individuals & small groups



Our sincere thanks to our grant providers: