We launched our 'Young People's Project' in 2018 to encourage the younger generation to get involved in volunteering.

As well as encouraging the younger generation to volunteer, we are also collaborating with local youth organisations, groups and schools, through a series of workshops or passenger experiences, to teach young people about the canals and their history, along with canal boats and their maintenance.

Wellbeing and the Waterways

Would you like to volunteer and become part of our Trust Youth Volunteer Group?

Volunteering at a formative age helps young people develop compassion, learning the value of giving to others.  

Mentored by our experienced team of volunteers, it’s a great way to meet a range of different people from totally different backgrounds, and to make new friends as well as enhancing emotional development and fostering communication and socialisation skills.

We also team up with other organisations including the Canals and Rivers Trust, NCS, Prince’s Trust and Loughborough Sea Cadets to facilitate volunteer opportunities lasting from one day to one week.  So whatever time you feel you’d like to commit, there’s a chance for you to be involved.

Some of the volunteer activities we offer:

  • Help our crew during a day trip
  • Towpath litter picking
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Boat Maintenance
  • Helping prepare for our Events
  • Fundraising Activities

What our young volunteers say

Source 12 year old volunteer – helping with fundraising day

I loved spending my day here, everyone helped and I felt part of something kind.

So if you’re between the ages of 11 -25 and would like to:

  • learn new skills;
  • build on team-working;
  • increase confidence and self-esteem;
  • develop social skills; and
  • enhance your CV

Get in touch and contact [email protected]