Would you like to volunteer with us at the trust helping with the Pirates trips during August? We are looking for volunteers from age 14 onwards up to age 25 to help with landside activities such as walk the plank, fishing from the pool and face painting as well as sponge throwing in the stocks!

We will reward you with drinks, biscuits and a certificate to say you have volunteered for us.

Register your interest here:


I have had a great experience with the Peter le Marchant trust over the last few months knowing them. I initially heard about the trust and what they do on my NCS residential when we were deciding what charity to support for our social action project.

I was immediately drawn to the trust once I read that they took disabled people and the elderly on boating trips up and down the canal. I know how important it is for some people to be able to experience a comfortable day out - for some, a boat trip might be their only day out in the whole year. 

Angie had asked if anyone was interested in completing a training course to become a qualified crew member for their trips. After signing up, I attended the youth training course where I spent a number of days learning about safety training, basic first aid, boat terminology, handling emergencies, setting up the boat for a trip, how to handle customers, making hot drinks in the galley and conducting risk assessments. I found this course thoroughly interesting and made some friends too.

Volunteering at the trust really has opened my eyes to the world and I've thoroughly enjoyed it! I have now completed three more trips during the Christmas season, where I thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as an elf!